About Us



Ava Group Investments Limited aims primarily at empowering coastal region women of Tanzania through agribusiness. We purchase pineapples from small scale growers to produce pineapple wine under the name of Ava Santiago. Wine production uses many pineapple at once hence provision of reliable markets to the farmers and employment opportunities to young adults(18-35) in our community. .


To produce wines of excellence and difference.


To be at a forefront of wine production in Tanzania at the same time uplifting the livelihoods of women small scale pineapple and grape growers and young adults(18-35).



Judith Karia (Tanzania) Ms. Karia is a problem solver in the community. Local farmers faced the problem of the lack of a sustaining market for pineapples and hibiscus flowers. This problem was accelerated by the unavailability of industries that use these fruits as their raw materials for manufacturing their end products. Ms. Karia established a winery making wine from pineapple and hibiscus flowers. More than half of the local farmers that supply her with the raw materials for wine production are women and she managed to employ other female youths for different positions in the winery. Her entrepreneurial efforts have made a big impact in the community by providing markets to local farmers and employment opportunities for youths in a community that was facing uncertainty.